Yearbook Photo Submission Guidelines

A few things before you submit your photo to be included in this seasons yearbook.

  • These photos will be printed in the yearbook so we need large full resolution original files. Ideally we're talking 300dpi. If you're unsure take a look at the file size, if it's below 1MB it probably can't be used. If you're submitting photos taken with a phone please be sure to send the full size image and not a reduced version.
  • Be sure to select the correct team on the form when submitting your photos. This is the only way we know where they belong in the book.
  • You may submit as many photos as you would like through this dropbox form. We do our best to use as many parent submissions as possible though due to space limitations of the book, photo quality and image size not all photos submitted can be included in the yearbook.

Some helpful hints for better yearbook photos

  • Get up close! If you're shooting with a cell phone from the stands the subject of the photo is most likely too small and unusable.
  • Candids from the sidelines and before and after games make for great yearbook content. 
  • Be sure your photo is in focus. Blurry and out of focus images don't print well and probably won't be used anyway.

Click the link for your club below to submit photos to be included in this seasons yearbook.